130 Things to Do as an Empty Nester

The empty nest is your chance to do anything you want – if you could just figure out what that is.

Find a job
Quit your job and start a home-based business
Go back to college and get a Bachelor’s Degree
Go back to college and get a Master’s Degree
Go back to college just for fun
Take classes online
Teach a class at a local rec center

Start a journal
Start a blog
Write a novel
Write a poem
Write a memoir

Change your hair color
Fall in love with your husband or wife again
Leave your husband or wife and start over
Clean your house top to bottom
Hire someone to clean your house top to bottom
Sell your house
Recover your sofa
Clean out your closets
Donate your old clothes to a homeless shelter
Volunteer at a homeless shelter
Volunteer at your church or synagogue
Volunteer at an animal shelter
Adopt a rescue dog
Adopt a rescue cat

Go away for a long weekend
Go away for a week
Take a month-long road trip
Take a year-long trip around the world
Go to bed at 9 pm
Sleep until 9 am
Nap everyday
Nap twice on Sunday

Call your kids
Text your kids
Email your kids
Facetime your kids
Miss your kids
Don’t miss your kids
Be glad your kids come to visit
Be glad your kids leave
Be a grandparent
Babysit your grandkids
Visit your grandkids
Have your kids move back home
Have your grandkids move in

Buy new sheets
Buy new towels
Buy new dishes
Buy new glassware
Get a bicycle
Ride the bicycle
Get a treadmill
Use the treadmill
Take a walk
Go for a jog
Go for a run
Do a 5k
Do a 10k
Do a marathon
Do a triathlon

Make a new friend
Try social media
Get on Facebook
Join a Facebook group
Try Meetup.com
Try Twitter
Support a political candidate
Volunteer for a political candidate
Research your family tree
Scan paper photos to your computer
Organize your photos by year
Organize your photos by person
Create a family website and upload the photos

Call your mother
Call your father
Call your brother
Call your sister

Clean out your kitchen cabinets
Throw out expired canned food
Throw out expired spices
Restock your kitchen
Change your diet
Lose 20 pounds
Go vegetarian
Go vegan
Go paleo
Go gluten free
Go dairy free
Go sugar free
Go out to eat every night
Eat cereal for dinner
Have appetizers for dinner
Don’t eat dinner
Learn to bake the perfect chocolate cake
Learn to make the perfect roasted chicken
Learn to make the perfect scrambled eggs
Pickle things
Preserve things

Binge watch new shows on Netflix
Binge watch old shows on Hulu
Watch the movies you missed in theaters when your kids were little
Watch the movies you loved as a kid
Watch all the Harry Potter movies
Read all the Harry Potter books
Read the classics
Read trashy books
Read the newspaper
Read every night for 30 minutes

Start meditating
Start therapy
Start a book group
Start a dinner group
Learn to knit
Learn to crochet
Learn to needlepoint
Learn a new language
Plant flowers
Plant vegetables
Take up painting
Take up drawing
Take singing lessons
Take dance lessons
Buy school supplies that no one in your house needs
Donate school supplies to schools in need
Remember and smile
Look ahead and wonder

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