A Great Day to Be Married

My husband took me shopping last weekend.

This is not something that happens often. I mean, we go shopping together – our trips to the grocery store can be eventful, especially when we go to the deli department and he charms the women behind the counter. Who knew ordering sliced ham could be so flirtatious? Then of course there are the Costco visits, during which we spend a disproportionate amount of time in the electronics and men’s clothing departments. Honestly, that man would dress himself head-to-toe in Costco clothing, given the chance.

But today, it was my turn.

Having watched countless episodes of “What Not to Wear” together, my husband has developed some fairly strong opinions about how I should dress. Though he rarely tells me he doesn’t like what I’m wearing, he will enthusiastically compliment me on something that he finds particularly attractive. Often I’m taken by surprise by what appeals to him, including some nightgowns that have seen better days – but no matter, I appreciate his attention.

After returning a swimsuit cover-up that, unfortunately, I took on a vacation to Mexico with the security tag still attached, we wandered into the women’s clothing department at Nordstrom, and he was taken aback when he discovered that I have a lovely saleswoman, Manya,  who I’ve gone to for years whenever I shop there. He and Manya really hit it off, though. He began to pick things out for me, and sensing a hot customer, Manya joined in the fun, pulling this shirt and those pants, a dress, a sweater…by the time I went into the dressing room, there were dozens of things for me to try on.

I can’t tell you how much fun this was for me. I usually shop by myself, but my husband wanted to see every single thing I tried on. He complimented me on some things, dismissed others, and made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the store. He didn’t ask what anything cost, or show any outward concern about what the total would be- he simply wanted to help me find some new clothes for summer.

It wasn’t just that my husband took me shopping. It was that he enjoyed it as much as I did, and just wanted to do something nice for me.

Sometimes marriage is difficult. And sometimes, like today, being married is the best thing in the world.

Now I just need some new shoes.


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  • You are a lucky girl…and so is he. Funny how after so many years of marriage we can forget to do little things like this together. Thanks for reminding the rest of us that lovely moments don’t have to be a big event, but rather just doing something differently!

  • I HATE to shop, and my husband does,too. Can I borrow yours?

  • As I was reading I thought of Pretty Woman when Edward took Vivian to the store to spend a “gross amount of money.” Tell your husband he has a bit of Edward Lewis in him. You have a bit of Vivian Ward in you too…beautiful, loved…and a nice wardrobe too.

  • Hi Sharon, I needed to read something wonderful today about marriage. (It seemed you had your own Clinton & Stacey for the day.) Usually my husband is a wonderful man and has been for the past 28 years, but some days are just plain crazy! Great post, thanks for sharing.

  • Karen

    How sweet is that, Sharon! You’re a lucky girl indeed.

  • What a great story! I love this. We rarely go clothes shopping together, but whenever we have (last time was on vacation), I usually come away with something he really likes. Actually, shopping away from home seems much more palatable to my husband. Hmmmm. More vacations? Thanks for sharing a lovely experience.

  • Ruth Rassler

    This was a great piece. Peter continues to be stellar , you lucky woman. Thanks so for all the wonderful stories …. Miss you guys-lots of love

  • Don’t forget handbags too! Cute post. So fun to have that special time together and get some much needed attention 🙂

  • What a special day! My hubby will tell you he doesn’t like to shop, but I know he does. And he’s a very good shopper at that. We had our own Nordstrom moment about 2 yrs ago when hubby and the sales clerk ganged up on me. I only needed a pair of pants but walked out of there with a few bags of stuff. Gotta luv him!

  • I smiled all the way through this post 🙂

  • So it isn’t just me…there was a formal event I had to dress for and he was flattered that I asked and we had the best time. The other thing is Lowes. We have a blast and NOBODY understands this. It’s the “pals” we are with our spouses as much as the rest.

  • I love to hear stories about men treating women as they should be. I know it is not an everyday thing but being spontaneous is huge! Great story.

  • Loved this story! I’m usually the one who accompanies my husband when he needs clothes; can’t quite imagine him having the patience to do for me what your husband did for you. I did recently get him to go shoe-shopping with me, though, so there’s some progress!

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