Everyone I Know is a Grandmother Except Me

I am very happy to have this essay published on The Ethel, one of AARP’s newest publications.

Grandmothering has been quite successful in my life, and I am ready to begin my grandmothering experience. There’s just one little problem….”

I hope you will click the link above and enjoy!

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  • I enjoyed your essay, Sharon. I’m sure you’ll be a terrific grandma when the time comes. I don’t know anyone who is a grandmother in her 40’s though. I think that would make some women feel a bit conflicted. Even early 50s is young thee days to be a grandparent. The women I know in this age group still have teens and tweens. While being on the young side has its perks, it can also be hard because you may still have a full-time job, be taking care of your own parents, and dealing with high school or college. In other words, you’re super busy!

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