25 Reasons to Enjoy Your Adult Kids

Though there are times when I miss having little children, being the mom of adults has its perks.

  1. You no longer have to drive them anywhere. They should, by now, have their own transportation.
  2. Your wallet is no longer their ATM.
  3. You can give them money if you want to, and it feels good when you do.
  4. If you’re lucky, their appreciation for you has finally reached the point where you are satisfied they know how much you’ve done for them.
  5. They realize that you are more than just their parents, that you have lives of your own.
  6. You get to experience, however vicariously, the beginning of “real life” all over again. Which sometimes makes you green with envy, but more often makes you grateful to be past all of that.
  7. You get better gifts for your birthday.
  8. You can simply write a check when it’s their birthdays and they’re very happy.
  9. They ask “How are you?” and sincerely care about the answer.
  10. They have parts of their lives that you know nothing about, and that’s just fine.
  11. You no longer have to plan every get-together – they know places to go and things to do.
  12. Worrying about them, if they’re employed and healthy, is minimal.
  13. You don’t have to watch your language. They can take it.
  14. You no longer feel the responsibility of setting an example or making the right choice for the sake of your kids. Just as they are independent of you, you are independent of them in a way you never could be when they were growing up.
  15. Sometimes they make you coffee.
  16. Sometimes they make you dinner.
  17. When they have a problem, they ask for advice. Then they sometimes listen to it.
  18. When you have a problem, they give advice. Often it’s helpful.
  19. You get to see them interact in the world as adults. If you’ve done your job well, you’ll be pretty impressed with them – and a little proud of yourself, too.
  20. They want to come home and visit.
  21. They want to leave when the visit is over.
  22. It’s ok once again like it was when they were small, for them to show you how much they love you.
  23. Someday, if you’re lucky, you’ll have grandchildren.
  24. But hopefully first a wedding.
  25. They’re your family.

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  • This is sooooo sweet. I love every one of your points…especially the one about not knowing everything that’s going on…and it’s just fine!

  • Geraldine

    On the nail as ever! (Or, at least, I’m guessing that’s how it is, still being a mum of teenagers.)

    On a separate note, may I pick your brains? What plug-in do you use to get people to subscribe to your blog & for it to then automatically get emailed to them? Also, is there a plug-in to allow comments or is that just an option on WordPress?

    I’m trying to work out the best way to set up the blog on my soon-to-be-launched revamped site (built on WP) so that people can comment & subscribe (hopefully!). One option seems to be to set it up as a Mailchimp newsletter subscription, but that will require extra work to format & mail out each time. Yours is the only one I receive that appears to come via WP.

    Thanks in advance

  • Nice to know that eventually these rather annoying teenagers who are now residing in my home will become helpful, courteous adults. Thanks for the list of potential perks, I for one can’t wait!

    • Sharon Greenthal

      My husband and I were just talking about how amazing it is to see our children morphed from teens to adults – so rewarding!

  • YES! to all of this except this one: “You no longer feel the responsibility of setting an example” And I only say this because your children never stop watching you, and learning from you. It kind of makes you want to be a better person. As an example.

    Also, omg grandchildren! They are payback! haha Those grands can sure get their parents back for all the not so fun times we had as young parents! 🙂

  • Um…is this the place where I can share that I’ve never watched my language? 🙂

    But yes, on the whole, I agree. Adult kids are pretty special.

  • Sharon, all so true! I have loved watching our son this year manage in his first apt in his first job. Our relationship has shifted to an adult-adult status and I love many of the things you have listed. Still waiting for a home cooked dinner but perhaps not possible given the minuscule NYC kitchen.

  • I love your list. It’s pretty much the same as mine Sharon!

  • Yes! I love the adults my kids have magically turned into!

  • Absolutely, dead on right. I particularly liked #6 -it’s a mixed feeling to be reminded of that kind of youth and promise until you remember, well, all the rest. This is better.

    I can think of many people (of teens) who don’t believe it will ever be this way…I’m happy they have this in store.

  • I have a long way to go before I reach this stage of my parenting journey. But I can say I LOVE the relationship I developed with my parents once I became an adult. And can touch on much of your list from that perspective. 🙂

    • Sharon Greenthal

      It’s a wonderful thing to be an adult with parents you enjoy spending time with, isn’t it?

  • I love this. It is so nice when my son takes us out to dinner. He loves doing it also.

  • I love this, and I love watching our children grow into adults. Ones that we respect and admire for the qualities that, in many ways, surpass some of our own.

    I do miss the little kid stuff; playgrounds still make me weepy. But seeing our children become smart, respectful and well-respected adults in the community – that is everything.

  • I loved that period between being an adult child and having children…I loved it for myself and I especially loved it as my children reached that age. We all had so much fun.

    Now my grandchildren are reaching that age and I am getting to do it all over again. Life is very good to me.

  • As much as I miss the sweet, adorable baby stage, I love being the mom of adult children. The only downside is that it’s all happening so fast.

  • Your list is fairly comprehensive. Mine is back at home having just graduated and now job hunting. I am NOT looking forward to her move out day even though my wallet takes a hit when she come back home. My 21 year old is such a joy to be around even if she has not yet gotten to #9 on your list.

  • Love this list. I’m kind of in between – my boys are 16 and 19 but a lot of these apply to me! Even though it’s sometimes sad that they’re getting older, there are so many great things about this age! Have a very happy mother’s day!

  • I’ve got the young adult-child, I’m waiting for the financial independence! Love the list!

    • Sharon Greenthal

      Thanks Connie! It’s a slow process to get to that financial independence, that’s for sure.

  • Oh this is just so true. Time will past by so fast that we will never notice that our little kiddos are now grown-ups. This is the time that they’ll teach you something about real life. Thank you for sharing. You might want to see this.

  • It seemed like I’d always be knee-deep in toddlers and children. Then, suddenly, they grew up. Now I’m knee-deep in toddlers and children again. But the good thing? They go home with their parents when Gramma gets tired! LOVE being the parent of adults! Every one of your points was bang on!

  • I love being a mom to adult kids! My girls can get a little bossy, but I find their advice is often excellent.

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